Objectives and Services

GardnerJohnstone's objectives are simple. Firstly, to find exactly the right person for the job to help grow an organisation's talent base while reducing the risk of churn.  Secondly, to source the best candidates in the most time efficient and professional manner possible to ensure the most optimal outcome for all parties.
In order to achieve these objectives GardnerJohnstone has developed a wide range of services that meet the demands of today's employer and candidates alike.  Amongst those services include:

- full psychological testing and assessment and reference checking
- Bestfit methodology employed to ensure the right person is hired   
- tips for interviews and resume development
- updates and email prompts on potential vacancies and positions   
- informal networking social gatherings 
- regular benchmarking and performance measurement to satisfy industry best  practice and compliance regulations      

GardnerJohnstone prides itself in its specialist knowledge and key contacts in the industrial sector as well as offering a highly personable service that sets it apart from larger agencies servicing many industry sectors.